Unleash Your Digital Assets with ETH Denver – Get Ready to Explore the Future!

• ETH Denver was a major blockchain and digital currency conference that occurred in early March.
• Speakers included “Vinny Crypto” and “Matt” with On Chain Records.
• The event featured a private builder room for attendees to collaborate, discuss ideas, and scout potential partnerships.

ETH Denver: A Major Blockchain & Digital Currency Conference

The second largest blockchain and digital currency conference – known as ETH Denver – occurred in early March of this year in the Centennial State, aka Colorado, at the National Western. This event attracted many entrepreneurs from all over the world who sought to learn more about these innovative technologies.

Speakers Present at ETH Denver

Two of the most prominent speakers present at the event were Vinny Crypto and Matt with On Chain Records. In an interview, Vinny explained what he and his team sought to accomplish with their work: creating physical records which contain NFC chips so users can upload their digital content such as music or audio onto them.

Builder Room Access

One of the biggest highlights of ETH Denver is access to a private builder room where attendees can work on projects related to blockchain or digital assets, collaborate with each other, blow off steam, and discuss interesting topics related to this field of technology. Additionally, Vinny and his partner use this room to search for potential partnerships while helping other professionals grow within their industry.

Denver A Growing Tech Hub

Currently, Denver is growing into a tech hub offering much potential through its developing industry sector. Events like ETH Denver are beneficial because they allow people from different backgrounds to come together in real life (IRL) rather than just online networks alone.


Overall, ETH Denver was a successful event attended by many entrepreneurs hoping to learn more about blockchain and digital asset technologies as well as establish new ideas and products devoted to these areas . The city has much offer those interested in these trends due its growing tech hub status.