SysFera-DS — web portal for HPC resources and applications

SysFera-DS is a solution for federating and managing hybrid HPC environments, from clusters to Clouds. It offers a web interface to run and visualize applications (batch or graphical), manage distributed big data, and monitor resource usage.

Large Companies

HPC usage in companies have been growing steadily. Unfortunately, usability has not. Our solution helps you really take advantage of your HPC capabilities:

  • IT managers deal with harmonized HPC resources.
  • Project managers can more easily maintain HPC applications.
  • Engineers access resources, applications and data more easily, increasing their productivity.

Computing Centers

Computing centers typically receive more requests from SMBs than they can accommodate. Our solution helps you make your HPC resources available... and billable!

  • Your HPC resources are made available via a simple user interface, perfect for users who are not IT specialists.
  • Resource and application usage can be controlled thanks to flexible access-rights management.
  • Monitoring and quotas allow you to control and bill your customers precisely.
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