No Crypto Ads at Super Bowl – FTX & Larry David in the Spotlight

• This year’s Super Bowl featured no crypto-related advertisements, unlike the previous year.
• One of the most prominent ads was Larry David’s commercial for FTX, a now-defunct crypto exchange that is currently facing fraud charges.
• The ad drew criticism from social media users who felt it was sending the wrong message about investing in crypto.

No Crypto Ads in This Year’s Super Bowl

This year’s Super Bowl featured no crypto-related advertisements, a stark contrast to last year when viewers were exposed to a number of them. From Larry David’s FTX commercial which caused quite a stir among social media users to other ads that were seen as potentially telling people what to do or how to think, there was no shortage of crypto-centered commercials during last year’s big game.

The Controversial FTX Commercial

One of the most prominent ads this past year involved Larry David of „Curb Your Enthusiasm“ fame. The spot aired for the first time during the 2022 Super Bowl and showed David playing historical versions of himself who were surprised by humanity achieving big things like inventing the lightbulb. At the end of the commercial, modern day Larry is told that FTX is a good way for newbie customers to get into crypto and he responds with: “Eh, I don’t think so… And I’m never wrong about this stuff! Never!” The ad then said “Don’t be like Larry,“ prompting people to invest in trading on their platform. Unfortunately for many former traders of FTX, they weren’t wise enough to take Larry’s advice and are now left with an empty wallet due to bankruptcy charges against their founder Sam Bankman-Fried.

Social Media Reactions

The ad drew strong reactions from social media users who weren’t exactly pleased with its message or implications about investing in digital currencies. One user wrote: “Larry David in a crypto ad is a pretty succinct answer to ‚Is it ever possible to have enough money?‘ while another posted: “Larry David being in a crypto commercial is the single most devastating thing to ever happen to me… Please give me space to process.“

FTX & Its Troubling Fallout

FTX has been at least partially responsible for causing these problems that many face within the digital currency space today – from its fall leading to plenty of volatility surrounding top assets, its former traders wishing they had followed Larry’s advice not be involved with their platform, as well as criminal fraud charges against its CEO Sam Bankman-Fried all make up some of these issues that exist today within cryptocurrency markets worldwide.


While it may have been entertaining seeing famous faces like Larry David on our television screens advertising digital currencies during major sports events such as this past Super Bowl, it seems that viewers won’t be getting any more ads involving cryptocurrency anytime soon given all that has happened since then within this space – and perhaps this isn’t such a bad thing after all!