HEX Price Soars 23%, Fueled by PulseChain v3 Testnet Launch

• HEX price rose 23% following the announcement of PulseChain v3 testnet.
• PulseChain is a blockchain project that aims to improve the Ethereum platform.
• Richard Heart, founder of the blockchain project, teased a PulseChain screenshot in a tweet.

The cryptocurrency market took off on Thursday after HEX price made a stunning rally of 23%, bringing it to the $0.0255 mark. This sudden surge was triggered by the news that the blockchain project PulseChain v3 testnet was now operational, as announced by Richard Heart, the founder of the project.

PulseChain first made headlines in mid-2021, when an official press release revealed the plans to fork the Ethereum codebase and add a number of enhancements. These included faster block times and reduced gas fees. The project is supported by Everything Blockchain, a development company, and Overwatch Partners, a venture capitalist (VC) firm.

The news of PulseChain v3’s launch was further teased in a January 12 tweet by Richard Heart. In the tweet, he posted a PulseChain screenshot and said, „It’s working on private v3 testnet“. This sparked speculation that the project was ready to go live, which was reflected in the sudden spike in HEX price.

Crypto traders and investors were quick to jump on the opportunity, leading to the significant increase in price. Although the token turned red in the early Asian trading hours on Friday, the overall technical formation suggests that HEX is primed for a massive breakout.

In the wake of the news, the crypto community has been abuzz with anticipation. Many believe that PulseChain has the potential to revolutionize the Ethereum network and drive the value of HEX even further. Only time will tell if this is the case, but for now, investors are keeping an eye on the token and the project as a whole.